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Jamie Murphy

Head of School

Academic Director

Dear Parents,


Every student should feel successful and intelligent. Education is not about regurgitating memorized information, gathering data, or standardized test-taking; education is about delving into new ideas and ways of thinking, exploring one’s ability and identity, and developing an overall love of learning. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many students.


At Fernwood Academy, we recognize that not all students thrive in a traditional educational environment for a number of reasons. Students may have felt that school was “too easy” or not challenging enough, and as a result felt bored. Students may experience intense anxiety surrounding all things academic, making it difficult at times to get to school or successfully complete a test.  When they come to our school, students may lack basic organizational and executive functioning skills.  Teachers at Fernwood Academy are experienced at assisting students with these skills and helping them find their own way to organize and handle school which works for them.


If a student has a learning difference, they may feel like they are incapable, and “fall through the cracks” in a large school setting without trained, empathetic, and consistent teachers. Students may find school too challenging and “shut down”, or they may avoid school altogether because they feel unsafe emotionally or intellectually.


Each of our classes is taught by a certified teacher who is trained in unique, multi-dimensional approaches to help students reach their full potential. We believe in a challenging, supportive academic program with high standards, but maintain small class sizes with one-on-one assistance.


Students are known personally by each teacher as well as assigned to a team teacher, and are encouraged to engage in their own learning. All students participate in six accredited academic classes, as well as Physical Fitness and Life Skills, and in study hall where they complete their homework and help their classmates with the new material.


Oftentimes, when a student experiences success, that love of learning is engaged, and they thrive!


Thank you for your time and consideration,


Jamie Murphy

Academic Director

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