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Accredited Academics


Fernwood is a licensed non-public school for 13 – 18 girls in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah.


Our academic approach is focused on small classroom settings offering personalized attention to meet the varying needs of our students.  Our mission is to offer an exceptional environment focused on developing the knowledge and foundational skills required for academic success.


Fernwood is proud to offer a robust course curriculum aligned to national academic standards.


As reflected by their ACT scores, Fernwood Academy students gain understanding and intellectual curiosity which reflect strongly on the potential for college level success.


All classes are led by licensed teachers who share their passion and insights with their students.


Fernwood Academy Prepares Students for College


Fernwood Academy students achieve at a far higher level and are far more academically prepared for college curriculum than their state counterparts. 

According to the trailing five years of ACT score data, the percentage of Fernwood students prepared for college academics in every subject tested is better than Utah state averages.  In fact, the percentage of Fernwood students prepared for all college subjects tested is 74% higher than other students throughout the state.

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